Police: Man arrested for punching puppy

Police arrested a man for punching a five-month-old puppy outside a gas station convenience store, and shared with FOX 5 surveillance of the ordeal.

Kirby Crane, 26, was arrested for cruelty to animals after punching a dog twice, and dragging it by the neck to his vehicle, according to police.

WARNING: This Video May Be Graphic In Nature. Viewer Discretion is Advised

Police said the ordeal happened Sunday evening, and bystanders who witnessed the incident reported the actions to police; officers tell FOX 5, a man and woman saw the dog in the parking lot of a BP gas station off Candler Road, and began petting it, then two heard Crane yelling for the dog to come to him.

Police tell FOX 5, the dog may have also possibly eaten a candy bar, and the woman brought the dog to Crane. When he approached, he struck the dog twice with closed fists, according to the police report.

The woman was knocked to the ground due to the force of the punches, and Crane fled the scene after dragging the dog to the car, according to the report.

"She told me the dog was hit with such force, it would have knocked out a human," Sgt. T.C. Medlin said.

According to police, surveillance video shows the incident and Crane allowing the dog to exit the vehicle without a leash.

Police said the witnesses wrote down the license plate of the vehicle and gave the information to officers.

Investigators went to Crane's residence and observed the dog to be in good health on Monday.

Crane was arrested on Tuesday, and the dog was impounded to Lifeline at DeKalb County Animal Services for a medical evaluation.

The five-month-old lab mix was given the name "Begonia," and was deemed to be in good health. As of Thursday, Lifeline tells FOX 5, she had not been adopted.

Anyone interested in adopting Begonia can visit the center off Camp Road in DeKalb County. From Friday through Monday, fees for dogs over 25 pounds and over and all cats will be waived through a Mother's Day promotion.