Police: Man with autism attacked on SEPTA bus

A shocking display of heartless brutality played out on a SEPTA bus in Center City. Police say they are looking for a man who beat a fellow passenger with autism.

It was early afternoon, Friday, October 26 and amid the hustle and bustle and congestion of Market Street near 20th, a SEPTA bus on the 48 Route became a rolling crime scene.

Security camera footage shows one passenger on top of a 34-year-old man with autism--savagely kicking and punching the helpless victim who tried in vain to protect himself from the blows raining down on him

Art Harrison--a regular 48 rider--says he was two busses behind the scene of the attack, but spoke to those onboard when their bus was forced to pull over.

"They all got up to stop him and intervene into everything that was going on and tell the aggressive passenger, 'No, stop, stop, stop! He don't know what he's doing."

Harrison says passengers helped force the alleged aggressor off the bus. He says they told him the beatdown was the result of a verbal altercation that began when the attacker was trying to get on the bus and the victim was trying to get off.

Philadelphia police posted the SEPTA footage to their YouTube page in an effort to track down the attacker. A spokesman called the man throwing punches "callous," "dastardly."

Other riders of the 48 Route told FOX 29 they were unaware of the incident, but did not seem surprised that a simple argument--born of impatience--could lead to violence.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact Central Detectives Division: 215-686-3093/3094 Det. Girardo #8154 DC 18-09-044965