Police: Parking enforcement officer stole from meters in Millbourne and Upper Darby

Surveillance cameras were rolling as police say 28-year-old parking enforcement officer Tiffany Bloxton slowly made her way down Marshall Road emptying coins out of parking meters. There's only one problem, police say she was pocketing the money.

"She stole $500--approximately $500 in change. She changed the change into dollar bills at the Giant supermarket," Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told FOX 29.

Now, Bloxton is facing a long list of charges from burglary to theft and receiving stolen property. Investigators say she broke into the borough manager's office in Millbourne Borough where she works and stole the keys and a tool to open parking meters.

Chitwood says Bloxton opened up over 20 parking meters in Millbourne and Upper Darby and made off with the cash. She also caused a $1,000 in damages, according to police. Investigators say it all fell apart when she was caught in the act on camera. Millbourne officials quickly identified her as a borough employee on the take.

"She voluntarily came in. Subsequently, we took a confession from her where she admitted the thefts," Chitwood said.

In her confession, Chitwood says Bloxton blamed it on a opioid problem. She's been ordered to a rehab facility for help.

"This kid--her life is destroyed. Hopefully, she gets the rehab she needs," Chitwood said.

Police say Boxton disposed of the stolen meter keys and tools at a local supermarket trash can. She was released on $40,000 bail. Charges were also filed in Millbourne.