Police release footage of new bear sighting in Springfield Township

A bear has been spotted in Springfield, hanging out in someone’s backyard near a swimming pool. This is just one more of many bear sightings in Delaware County in recent days, according to officials.

Springfield Township Police posted a photo of a bear taken from a backyard surveillance camera on Kennerly Road in Springfield overnight into Monday.

Bear sighting in Springfield Township.

A bear was spotted in Radnor Township Friday morning, wandering in someone’s driveway on Harrison Road.

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Haverford Township Police posted on their Facebook page that multiple sightings of a black bear have been reported in not just Radnor, but Marple and Haverford Townships.

Police urge anyone seeing a bear to please not approach it, but instead call 911. The Pennsylvania Game Commission also recommends all trash be secured when it is out on the curb awaiting pickup.