Police search for alleged prowler in Upper Providence Township

Police in Delaware County say they are searching for an alleged prowler in Upper Providence Township.

It was a chilling moment when a strange man jiggled the front door of Nicole's Upper Providence Home. It was just before 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. Minutes before Nicole and her family were about to start their day. She asked us not to reveal her face or identity because the man is still out there.

"It boggles my mind and when you know people are home," she told FOX 29.

Nicole says the man walked from house-to-house-trying front doors, back doors and even cars.

Her surveillance system picked up the movement and an alert was sent to her husband's phone.

"We never heard it when it actually happened."

Nicole says she shudders to think what would have happened if he got inside.

"I think you have a desperate individual who was searching for something and wanted to go through the neighborhood and try every door possible to see if there was a way he could get in.

Nicole says she can't stop thinking about one thing with her children about to wake up and possibly come face-to-face with a total stranger. Something she did the night before may have made all the difference in the world.

"The front door on Tuesday evening had been left opened. I obviously locked it. That's what went through my head was that if I had not checked the doors I'd be telling you a different story today."

Nicole and her neighbors are now on high alert. They want police to identify him before he ever finds an unlocked home.

"I feel sad for him. I think he needs help. I'd like him off the streets and out of our neighborhood," she said. "It's very disconcerting to know someone is trying to open your door very early in the morning with not good intentions."