Police search for suspects in armed robberies

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Surveillance cameras were up and running as the two heavily armed, masked men took over two local stores at gunpoint in the past two weeks. In one case, robbing customers, in the other, forcing the store owner to turn over the cash with what police say was a TEC-9 semi-automatic pointed at him.

The latest robbery occurred Monday afternoon at the Reyes Mini Market on Chelten Avenue. The two suspects, one toting the TEC-9 with a silencer, the other brandishing a long barrel shotgun with the stock broken off.

Police say 12 days earlier, the same bandits burst into the Silver Star Kitchen takeout restaurant on Vernon Road. Again, they produced the heavy weapons, but this time they robbed two customers waiting to pick up their food orders, according to police.

A store employee told FOX 29 she saw the robbers in action. She was so afraid for her customers, she ducked behind the counter and called 9-1-1.

Barbara Bailey stops at the Reyes Market every day to pick up a few items. She was petrified to hear her favorite corner store had been robbed.

No one was injured in either robbery. Police say the suspects are considered armed and dangerous