Police searching for suspect in seagull death on Ocean City beach

Police in Ocean City, New Jersey are attempting to identify a man after they say he killed a seagull on the beach.

On August 14, police received a call about an individual injuring a seagull on the beach around 12:10 p.m.

Officers located the individual who allegedly killed the seagull, and he explained that he did so because the seagull was acting aggressively toward children on the beach. He claimed he hit the bird with an umbrella in order to protect the kids.

After speaking to the individual, officers reportedly left the area without taking any further action. They were then contacted again by another bystander who said the individual was dishonest and the seagull had not been tormenting children. The witness claimed the bird had been killed without reason.

Officers are currently unable to locate the person believed to be responsible for the bird's death, as he left the beach before they returned.

Anyone with information regarding the incident or the identity of the person responsible is asked to contact the Ocean City Police Department at 609-399-9111.