Police: Serial predator lures boys and sexually assaults them

Police say a young boy was abducted and assaulted just as he was walking to school. Investigators believe the man who did this has been committing similar crimes for about a year. They say his behavior pattern matches with other victims' stories.

In Southwest Phillly, there's concern that a man is luring kids into his car, showing them porn and sexually assaulting them.

Police with the Special Victims Unit say the latest crime is one of five total and they are looking for a serial predator who has now lured and sexually assaulted 6 teens since last May.

Cops released surveillance video from one incident last May, when the man allegedly offered two brothers money to help pump gas. He took them in his car, showed them porn videos on his phone and sexually assaulted them, according to police.

It was eerily similar in the most recent incident with a 12-year-old boy Thursday.

Police say there are three different cars used in this luring and sex assault pattern. One was gray, one as black and the most recent was a burgundy Subaru with tinted windows with a bandana around the steering wheel.

If you have information, please call Philadelphia police.