Police clear man they 'want to speak with' about deadly stabbing of Upper Darby teen

Police in Upper Darby have cleared a teenager who they once thought could know important information about the deadly stabbing of a local 15-year-old boy.

The teen, who never considered a suspect, was found by police hours after they shared surveillance images of the teen walking down a nearby street. 

Authorities are still searching for two people who were seen walking hand-in-hand on Bridge Street around the time Michael Garr Jr. was fatally stabbed while walking home. 

Garr, a 10th grade student at Upper Darby High School, was on his way home when police say he was stabbed to death on the 200 block of Bridge Street last week. 

A passerby who spoke to FOX 29 said Michael ran up to his car holding his throat and he tried to provide first-aid until the ambulance arrived. Michael was pronounced dead at the scene. 

No arrests were reported immediately following the deadly stabbing and the Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police has since offered a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction. 

"Please hold your loved ones very close, tell your children you love them," Michael Peabody, Garr's uncle, said. "We are completely devastated by the loss of Michael Jr.