Police: Threats made against middle school in Lansdale prompt early dismissal for students

Students at a middle school in Lansdale were dismissed early after multiple threats were made against the school. 

According to the police, two threats were made against Penndale Middle School on Monday. 

Authorities say police responded, coordinated with school officials and decided to dismiss students early. 

Students were evacuated around 12:30 p.m., about three hours after the school district emailed parents about a bomb threat, according to the chief of police. 

School officials say students were initially placed on hold and told to remain in their classrooms while the school was placed on a lock out, prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving the building.

Some parents say there was a lack of communication from the school as they were left in limbo, wondering if their children were safe. 

"I'm not happy. I just would like more communication, that's all, just to know what's going on," said Grace Dublin. 

Police say there was no evidence to corroborate the threat and out of an abundance of caution, investigators swept every classroom to make sure the building was safe. 

The school was deemed safe by police a short time after investigators swept the building and the school district says they will reopen for in-person instruction on Tuesday.