Police warn of suspect violently attacking, robbing women in Norristown

The Norristown Police Department is warning people of a violent serial attacker who they say is targeting unsuspecting woman. According to police, the warning applies specifically to the west end of town.

Authorities say the suspect has been approaching women, throwing them to the ground and robbing them. The violent attacks have occurred as many as five times in just one week.

"He comes up from behind not sure from where either grabs them from around the neck or around shoulder takes them down to the ground," explained Norristown Police Chief Mark Talbot.

Chief Talbot says the aggressive attacks happen extremely fast and are usually over in less than two minutes.

People in the area of Airy Street and Haws Avenue, the scene of the first strong-arm attack, say the string of incidents is terrifying.

Chief Talbot says his department is especially concerned because they feel this man is more focused on using his force against his random victims than actually trying to steal from them.

"I'm very familiar with a purse snatch I get it - in terms of how that works and utility of it - this is something different," Chief Talbot explained, "we want to get him now."