Police: Woman carjacked, abducted from Walmart parking lot in Northeast Philadelphia

Police say they are investigating after a woman was carjacked at gunpoint and abducted in broad daylight in a Northeast Philadelphia Walmart parking lot.

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For shoppers like Rosalee, it's their worst nightmare, so when news broke that a 43-year-old woman was carjacked at gunpoint in a Walmart parking lot Saturday afternoon it caused great concern.

"You just kind of think what if that was me and that's scary," Rosalee told FOX 29 Monday night. "You kind of think you're in a suburban neighborhood, it doesn't happen out here and it can happen anywhere."

The victim headed to the parking lot at Walmart just before 5 p.m. Saturday spotted a man crouching alongside the car next to hers-- suddenly another man came up from behind.

"This male had a handgun, they force her, order her into the back of her own car," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew explained.

Once in the backseat of her Toyota Camry, she was held at gunpoint and driven around for more than an hour. She was forced to lie down on the backseat so she couldn't be seen or see where they were going.

"This is broad daylight--peak shopping time--peak shopping day and it still happens," Captain Kinebrew added.

Police say the two carjackers, wearing florescent construction vests, jumped from her car at 1600 Cheltenham Avenue. They took off with her wallet and ATM card--trying unsuccessfully to use it at two banks. She quickly flagged down police.

The victim was not seriously injured. The suspects took the victim's cell phone, but dumped it on the Boulevard so they couldn't be tracked and she couldn't call police.

Authorities are telling shoppers to be careful in store parking lots. If you notice anything suspicious, alert security or the police.

Detectives do have video of the incident. They continue to search for the suspects.