Police: Woman lights fireworks in Drexel Hill neighborhood

Video shows a woman sending a Drexel Hill neighborhood into a panic after police say she lit off fireworks. Police say she was putting people at risk.

While enjoying a holiday barbecue, the Marcellus family captured a woman's reckless behavior on camera. The video shows a woman dropping fireworks at Derwyn and State Roads, she lights them up and runs away, seconds before they explode in a neighborhood.

"My husband almost got hit by the sparks and everything because he was right there," Tammy Marcellus told FOX 29. 

Police say around 7 p.m. Thursday, they received eight 911 calls. When officers responded they were met by about 20 people who were angry by this woman’s alarming disregard for herself and others.  

"She’s nuts, she’s nuts. If people are out there partying and kids are present and you’re firing off rockets and different fireworks at people then there’s something wrong and you need to be locked up," Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. 

Tammy Marcellus says the scary explosions shook a neighbor's home and set off their security alarm and scared pets. 

Police say they have identified the woman in this video and they wanted to give her a heads up that they’ll be paying her a visit pretty soon.

"Thank God nobody got hurt, but this woman she’s gonna get locked up and she deserves to get locked up because she was absolutely putting people at risk," Superintendent Chitwood said.