Postcard honoring fallen hero inspires random acts of kindness

At Coffee Tyme in Cape May a little bit more kindness has just been added by the cup, all thanks to a postcard telling the story of a fallen hero with some cash to pay it forward keeping a hero's memory alive.

Owner Jesse Lambert says a woman came into the coffee shop and started to cry. She explained to Jesse that her girlfriend had lost her husband in a roadside bomb explosion in Afghanistan in April.

Chris Slutman, a Mariner Staff Sargent and NYC firefighter, and two others were killed in the blast.

"I asked like 'Hey is everything ok?' and we found out she was giving us a postcard to be able to pass along to someone else to be able to honor what Chris was doing," Lambert said.

The postcard calls for a little bit of kindness, which in this case meant buying someone a cup of coffee. Those closest to Sargent Slutman know that he and his friends used to bond over coffee.

"She wanted to go to a coffee shop because that's what she knew he loved to do with his friends and wanted us to pass along the act of kindness to someone else that likes to get a fun drink or something like that," Lambert said.

Now, Lambert says that same kind gesture has been performed over and over locally, making those in the community thankful.

"My Dad was a prisoner of war during World War II, so that's very special to our hearts, very special," Maggie Stubee said.

Donations to the Firefighter Christopher Slutman's Children's Education Fund can be made by visiting and selecting "FF Christopher Slutman's Children's Education Fund" from the drop-down menu.