PPE vending machines installed at Suburban Station

In a rush to catch the train, you realize you forgot your mask or face covering. No need to panic, there’s another option and you can find it in a vending machine.

Nothing unusual about seeing a guy pushing a machine along Suburban Station concourse, but this is no ordinary vending machine filled with drinks and snacks.

It’s being stocked with PPE or that hard-to-find personal protective equipment that many have had to order online.

“We have KN95 maks, which is what I’m wearing now. Trip wipes, American made from Detroit, our brand hand sanitizer for on-the-go,” stated David Edelman, Founder of RapidMask2GO.

But, not cheap, at $3.00 each. Still, it’s available.

“Now everything’s opening up again and people can come back and people aren’t prepared,” said Claire Peterson.

“It is a great idea because folks do leave out the house and forget their mask and stuff,” Katrina Smith explained.

And, face covering is mandatory around Philadelphia. Absolutely if people are riding SEPTA. Same goes for New York City where David Edelman rolled out his first 10 of the PPE grab and go machines.

“We rolled this out the first week of May when people were really starting to leave their house after quarantine,” Edelman explained.

An idea born out of desperation he says, when his pre-COVID-19 company in real estate development and property management tanked.

“There was nothing going on, not in development, not in construction. Everything just ground to a halt. So, this was a way to keep ourselves busy, our staff busy and make the most out of the situation we’re in,” Edelman remarked.

No excuse now, says Claire Peterson, to not wear a mask on the train.

“These things are not fun to wear in the warm weather, but they will save people’s lives. I’ll sweat a little bit to keep myself and other people from getting this horrible illness,” Peterson said.

Katrina Smith thanking David and crew for installing four machines.

“I’ve got stuff in my pocketbook and everything, so I’m prepared, but they’re helping us stay more prepared,” Smith added.


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