Prosecution, defense rest in Main Line model's murder trial

The prosecution and defense have both rested in the case of a former model's murder. Jonathan Wesley Harris did not take the stand in his own defense as his murder trial moved through its third day.

In Wednesday afternoon testimony, Christina Carlin-Kraft's father and relatives left the court as Dr. Ralph Riviello, of the Crozer-Keystone Health System and an expert on strangulation, testified on what it's like to be strangled.

Within seconds Kraft's eyes would have fixated and rolled back in her head. In five to six seconds she was unconscious. In two to three minutes, the former model was dead.

Harris is charged in the August 2018 death of Kraft in her Ardmore apartment. The defense argues Harris was smoking K-2 or cat tranquilizer and didn't know what he was doing.

Also on the stand, a forensic toxicologist who said smoking K-2 can make someone aggressive.

In late afternoon testimony, a detective read Harris' confession.

"He punched her hard and repeatedly when she wouldn't pay for and hid $1,200 bag of cocaine. He tied her up and strangled her when she tried to call 911," he read.

Defense attorney Chuck Peruto is trying to spare his client from a first-degree murder conviction. Closing arguments are expected Thursday morning and the jury will get the case.