Prosecutors: 4 charged in massive pill mill bust

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says a medical office in Flourtown, Montgomery County, was at the center of a massive pill mill putting ten of thousands of opioids on the street.

Shapiro alleges doctors Emmanuel Okolo and Mohanad Fallouh wrote scripts for cash.

"Doctors Okolo and Fallouh violated their oaths and violated Pennsylvania law. They instead poured fuel on the fire of the opioid crisis. They exploited the Medicaid system to profit off the addictions of others," Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a Tuesday press conference.

Investigators alleged the scheme victimized the vulnerable living in group homes along North 18th Street in Philadelphia. The landlord of the properties, Evelyn Smith, would obtain her tenants' Medicaid numbers and their accounts were used to write the illegal scripts, according to investigators. 

Shapiro alleges the 85,000 drugs produced had a street value of over $2 million. The doctors, Smith and her cousin, Kent Hunter, have been arrested.

A woman in the doctors’ office, describing herself as an assistant, asked FOX 29 to leave, while saying she’d give FOX 29's card to the doctors.

Shapiro says along with taxpayers, the tenants of the rooming houses were also victims in a scheme bringing misery to a community.

"The grand jury’s findings unveiled a massive operation that breached good faith and breached state law. These doctors and Smith did it maliciously, thoughtlessly for cash," Shapiro said. 


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