Dozens attend rally and march in Philadelphia in support of Asian American community

A rally and march were held through Center City Thursday to stand with and protect the Asian American community from violence. The walk led up to City Hall for a moment of silence.

"Stand up. Fight back. Stand up. Fight back," chanted dozens of people as they took to the streets during a march to City Hall as part of a day of solidarity in the wake of recent violent even deadly attacks on the Asian American community. They say the hate must end so they can feel protected and safe. 

"This isn’t the last time we’re going to have to stand up for each other," said a man to the crowd. They sat in silence on Dilworth Plaza in memory of the eight people killed in Atlanta last week. Six of them were women of Asian descent. 

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The moment was solemn but Annie DiGregorio left feeling encouraged. 

"Proud and impacted honestly seeing the physical amount of people that came out," she said.  

Sharlene Cubelo is one of many people who helped organize the event. 

"Today was a great moment of just feeling uplifted," she said. Before the march to City Hall, there was a solidarity rally at 10th and Vine in Chinatown. 

"I am a proud Filipino American woman," said a woman to the crowd. Speakers took to the mic to demand an end to anti-Asian American hate and hate against other marginalized communities. 

"And to my Black and Brown brothers and sisters I refuse to just watch as all of our communities continue to suffer at the hands of racism," said the woman. 

Jenny Lin says she owns several businesses in Chinatown and came out to make her voice heard. 

"We need to stop it. I think it's very important because we live here. We live in the United States. We are U.S. citizens and we want to get peace and we want everything to be fair," said Lin. 



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