Rapper Hands Out Cash to the Homeless Sleeping on the Street After Concert

(INSIDE EDITION) Rapper Ghostface Killah, who sometimes goes under the alias Ironman, turned into a real superhero for the homeless over the weekend following a concert in Colorado.

Ghostface, whose real name is Dennis Coles, was performing in Denver Friday night as part of the Budweiser Fear Fest Halloween party when he hit the town after the concert with promoter Jonny Shuman, who goes by the name Jonny Denver.

As they were driving around the city after the gig, the rapper asked Denver to stop the car when he saw homeless people sleeping in the street.

In video posted on Facebook by Denver, Ghostface pulled out cash from his pockets and woke up the homeless, handing them cash.

According to Denver's Facebook page, Ghostface handed $20 to every homeless person he saw that was sleeping on that block.

Denver told community news website Westword: "It was spur of the moment when he saw some guys sleeping on the street when we were coming down Arapahoe approaching 18th Street."

He added: "I was inspired by his sporadic generosity, and I wanted to share that inspiration."

Ghostface, a member of the infamous hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, has been out on the road supporting the 20th anniversary of his solo debut, Ironman.