Reading High School students surprise longtime special needs volunteer with celebration

This is the best thing you will see all week.

Reading School District teamed up with the "Dude. be nice" organization for a special project for an awesome member of their community, Bobby Weitzel.

Bobby was born with special needs, and has been volunteering at Reading High School since 1969, according to his brother.

He was walking past the school when he went inside to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

"And the next thing you know, he started coming up to school every day," Bobby's brother said.

Bobby's duties include helping the basketball, football, and cheerleading teams, and also assisting the band.

In 1977 he suffered a terrible accident where he fell down a 30 foot hole and broke his back in three places. Since then, he has been physically disabled.

To surprise Bobby and thank him for his dedicated service throughout the years, Reading High School and Dude. be nice organized a special event for him under the guise of a dunk contest.

They made Bobby think that he was just judging the dunk contest, but planned for him to be a part of the last dunk - tossing an ally-oop pass to Lonnie, a student and basketball player at Reading High.

After Lonnie makes the incredible dunk, the entire contest is revealed to a celebration for Bobby, and his reaction is priceless!