Residents fed up with sinking street in North Philadelphia

Residents are fed up with a sinking street in North Philadelphia.

Young Jah-de-Elle is inches away from danger as he plays on the 600 block of West Wallace Street while part of the street sinks.

"It's very dangerous because when the block is closed kids run up and run down. They trip and fall," parent Taina Alicea said.

His mother is especially worried as the hole gets larger.

"If he falls it's a problem. We got to go to the hospital, so I think they should fix the streets that have holes," Alicea explained.

Neighbors tell FOX 29 they've been dealing with the earth caving in here since April. with frequent traffic only working against them.

Emily Bermudez says phone calls have gotten her nowhere.

"I called a month ago and they was telling me that there was pressure under there it had to get fixed and then they can fix the street. When is it going to get done?," she explained.

"You feel kind of lost in the shuffle of paperwork and things like that?" FOX 29's Dave Kinchen asked. Bermudez replied, "Yeah, cause you know sometimes you see the city fixing streets that are not even need fixing and there are streets out here that need fixing and they don't fix them fast as well as the other streets."

Neighbors hope to see something happen soon.

FOX 29 contacted several city departments. The water department got back to us and said they will check if they have any history of the problem. In the meantime, they will inspect the area and make it safe for the neighborhood.