Residents in Philly suburbs still struggling to get vaccine appointments

People want to get vaccinated. They may even register for a COVID-19 vaccine but scoring that appointment has become an agonizing wait for some.

"Right now as you can see we’re running a fairly small number through here about 500 doses per day, but we’ve analyzed and found out we have the capability here probably doing up to 5,000," Richard Lorraine, medical director for the Montgomery County Office of Public Health, said.

The constant question in the counties surrounding Philadelphia has been they’re ready to go but how can they vaccinate enough people to start getting closer to normal? A frustrating situation shared by officials and the public alike.

 "I’m still considered 1A and I’ve had coworkers and other people in other areas specifically the City of Philadelphia who were able to get an access their shots way before me here living in the suburbs," Olivia Davis said.

That’s much the story at the newest Montgomery County vaccination site next to the Willow Grove Mall.  The waits have been long and the backlog continues but after months of frustration there is still the ongoing question about why the counties can’t get more vaccines from the state.

Montco has now vaccinated tens of thousands with tens of thousands more scheduled and waiting and yet on Wednesday’s county Zoom call we were told that Montgomery County COVID cases like most areas near us is now trending in the wrong direction.

"I was a little nervous because I was getting closer to my due date right now. I’m just relieved that I have it. It seems like I’ll get my second shot before the baby is due," Jessica Downing said.

Unfortunately, even as the capacity to vaccinate in the counties clearly exists the plan relies on something that they honestly just can’t control, access.

"We’re hopeful that that comes through to us as quickly as possible and the second that it does we are ready to turn the switch and be able to give that vaccine out as quickly as we get it," Lorraine said.



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