Residents voice concerns over Philadelphia playground

Nanny Lisa Kitchen says she brings 2-year-old Massamo to the Von Colln playground all the time. It's the shade trees which attract them--certainly not the conditions.

The playground at 23rd and the Parkway has deep holes in the "safety tarp" at the base of slides and swings. There is a busted swing, broken fence, tripping hazards, puddles on the slides and someone is using it as a place to dump for old mac and cheese

This mother of two is in from Michigan. The city's Commissioner of Parks and Rec. says improvements are coming.

However, FOX 29's Jeff Cole found problems at other parks. The safety tarp at 29th. and Chalmers in North Philly was worn in spots. The grounds had clearly been used as the launch zone for an amateur fireworks show. There was broken glass and a backboard torn away.

There are hundreds and hundreds of playgrounds in the city. 150 buildings. Thousands and thousands of acres of open space.

The commissioner says the city works to keep them going and safe, but argues it's why the mayor is pressing for his half a billion dollar 'Rebuild Program' for a major overhaul of recreation facilities.