Restaurant week extended in Collingswood after power outages caused by storms

Restaurant week in Collingswood has been extended after businesses were impacted by power outages during a storm last week.

It was last Monday and Kitchen Consoligliere in Collingswood was packed with customers when the lights started flickering. The power went on and off and then it just went dark.

"It was a mess. You know, we were hoping it came back on after about 15 minutes. It got so hot in here because ovens were down, there was no exhaust, no air coming on. There was nothing we could do," Angelo Lutz said.

It was the same story a few doors down at Nunzio's. Making matters worse, it was day two of restaurant week promoting Collingswood's culinary scene.

"We were waiting because sometimes we lose power here and there. This time it was not coming back. Then, they started announcing they did not know when," owner Nunzio Patruno said.

It was three days before the power was back on but the damage was already done. Thousands of dollars in lost business.

Restaurants along Hadden Avenue tried to salvage what they could.

"I chose to toss everything. There's nothing I felt I could save," Lutz said.

Collingwood decided to extend restaurant week until August 2 to give the businesses another shot at cooking up some revenue.