‘Rojo, put your tail down’: Cat interrupts virtual parliament meeting

A virtual U.K. parliament meeting was interrupted by a furry guest.

John Nicolson, a Scottish MP, was speaking during a meeting with the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on the future of public service broadcasting, when his cat decided to make an unscheduled appearance.

The parliament member was asking about the use of subtitles on children’s television shows when a fluffy, ginger tail suddenly popped up in front of him.

The sight was met with laughs from other participants in the discussion.

“I apologize for my cat’s tail,” Nicolson said in the now-viral video in front of amused fellow Parliament members. “Rojo, put your tail down.”

Rojo apparently snagged the attention of many on social media with his wayward tail, leading Nicolson to tweet a photo of the cat’s face.

“For all Rojo’s new fans (thousands across the world it seems) - you’ve seen the tail. Here’s the face,” Nicolson wrote.

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