Rookie Ambulance Driver Taking Gunshot Victim To Hospital Gets Lost, Patient Dies

ALEXANDRIA, VA (INSIDE EDITION) -A Virginia fire department has reportedly launched an investigation after an ambulance driver got lost on the way to hospital while transporting a man, who later died.

After 23-year-old Saquan Hall was shot Saturday morning, the Alexandria Fire Department headed to the scene and put him in an ambulance bound for Alexandria Hospital, affiliate WUSA9 reported.

But on the way, medics got a pulse from the young man and, following protocol, they changed direction to George Washington Hospital. That's when the rookie EMT behind the wheel of the ambulance reportedly got confused.

Another first responder took control of the wheel instead and transported Hall to the correct hospital, where he died.

Hall's mother Patrice, who had also been in the ambulance, told the channel: "I can't imagine someone driving [an] EMS truck, okay an ambulance and not knowing how to get to the hospital."

Fire Chief Robert Dube told reporters that it took 11 minutes for the ambulance to travel from the scene to the hospital, and that the confusion may have caused a delay of just 30 seconds.

According to WUSA9, the driver had seven months of training and three months of field work under his belt at the time.

In the days following her son's death, Patrice Hall said that his passing was the result of gang violence.

A call to the fire department and public information office was not returned Friday.