What Philadelphia pedestrians are mistaking for a crosswalk has them walking into traffic

Recently, pedestrians walking near the Art Museum have had to make the decision to use the crosswalk or risk it, and run. 

In 2020, Philadelphia installed horizontal rumble strips in various spots on Eakins oval with hopes to cut down on drag racing and speeding. Now, pedestrians are confused about which white lines they are supposed to cross through when navigating their way through the busy lanes.

"Oh, it’s dangerous," said pedestrian, Willy Bradley. "They need to make it clear."

Confusing the rumble strips with a crosswalk, many people are crossing the street at the wrong spot. Pedestrians are blaming it on the fact that there is no proper signage.

"It’s not very clear, so if the signs or something indicate where you cross, but it’s the shortest route across, I can see why people think it’s the place to go," said another confused pedestrian, Matt Hansen.


FOX 29’s JoAnn Pileggi reached out to the city after observing some pretty close calls with pedestrians on the rumble strips, and all they said was that there are signs. Those signs, though, are on the other side of the street, making it difficult for a pedestrian on the opposite side to see them. 

Whether some people just don’t know where to cross or they just choose to take a shortcut, city officials say they plan to add more signage at the intersection. The new signs will direct people to cross at the safest spot—the crosswalk.