Sailboat stolen at gunpoint at Penn's Landing by man claiming to be federal agent: police

Philadelphia crime moved from the streets to the water Wednesday night when police say a brazen suspect took over a sailboat.

The sailboat was docked at the Pier 5 Marina near Penn's Landing when it was stolen at gunpoint just after 7 p.m.

A boat club was performing training exercises when police say a 31-year-old, identified by police as Roger Pojar, man jumped onboard.

He quickly drove off, and rode down the Delaware River for about two miles before being stopped by the Coast Guard near the Walt Whitman Bridge.


Police say Pojar claimed he worked for the Federal Agency and had a firearm. He was armed with a loaded semi-automatic handgun stolen from Philadelphia, according to authorities.

He now faces several charges for stealing the boat, and possessing a stolen gun.

No injuries were reported.