Scam caller posed as police lieutenant in attempt to swindle worker in Bucks County: police

Police in Bucks County are warning about a phone scam where they say the caller poses as a police officer. 

Bensalem Township police say a teenage employee at a local business on Bensalem Boulevard received a call from someone claiming to be a police lieutenant. 

The caller told the employee that counterfeit money had been used at the business and that the business would have to pay a fine.

The caller then told the teen that she had to take money out of the register and go to the ATM to take out more money for the bogus fine.


Police say the teen drove to a nearby ATM in an attempt to withdraw money. The teen’s father was able to locate her before any money was transferred.

Bensalem Township police say the teen was never in the company of the unknown caller and that she was driving alone when her father was able to catch up to her. Investigators are working to identify the caller. 

Police are hoping the incident can serve as a reminder that there are many different types of phone scams, and that no police officer will ever call you to collect a fine. You should contact police directly to verify if an officer is attempting to contact you.