Over a thousand compete and collect at Star City Games Con Philadelphia card event

Champions were crowned in King of Prussia over the weekend as the Star City Games Convention Philadelphia brought in hundreds of card lovers.

Vinny Vitanza played for a piece of the $30,000 Magic The Gathering Prize Pool.

"It’s really strategic it reminds me a lot of poker and games like that require a lot of thinking," said Vitanza.

The calculated placements — every move met with a reactionary move.

"In the past I would really get bogged down in the stress," Vitanza said. "I think as I’ve taken a step back and focused on other stuff in my life, I’ve found a new appreciation for the game."

Star City Games Con Philadelphia capitalize on that appreciation by hosting huge events like this.

Luke Kelsey, one of the owners of Level Up Games, explained that these events help them collect some of their rarest inventory.

"The games have been going for 30 years. A lot of those single cards can only be purchased from packs that were printed 20 years ago," Kelsey said. "In order to get our inventory, we have to buy it on the secondary market."

A weekend full of vendors, tournaments and rare cards.

"The most expensive card I bought this weekend was $700," said Kelsey. "It’s called Gaea’s Cradle. It was printed in 1996, so it’s pretty old. It’s two years younger than I am. It’s one of the more expensive cards."

SCG Con brings together players in a time when human connection has been rare due to the pandemic.

"It’s definitely opened the avenues to a ton of new friendships that I never would have had," said James Walsh. "Its funny that a card game gives you avenues to people that you never would have even talked to."

After playing around 20 games in a sling, Vinny deals the finishing blow and claims victory.

"Do you have any good luck charms or anything with you?" asked FOX 29’s Eddie Kadhim.

"Only my friends. I have a great group of friends that I play with. I wouldn’t continue to do this if it wasn’t for them."

Vinny’s win he qualifies for sectionals in San Diego and that tournament has a more than $100,000 prize pool.

Get more information about SCG Con at their website.