School says 9th grader's Donald Trump piggyback costume is inappropriate

A costume controversy in Catasauqua-- is it inappropriate or political? It depends who you ask. A 9th grader wore the Donald Trump piggyback costume which led to some trouble in school.

"I saw it and I thought that it was hilarious because sometimes for Halloween I don't like to be scary and look weird and creepy," said 14-year-old Spencer Frey. However, his choice in costume landed him in a little bit of trouble at school after wore the Donald Trump piggyback costume.

"I got a few laughs out of it because it's a funny costume that's all I was really going for," he said. Problem is administrators weren't laughing. Spencer is a 9th grader at Catasauqua High School. He says Wednesday during Halloween dress up day his homeroom teacher said it was inappropriate and sent him to the principal's office. Spencer said the vice principal agreed and had him take it off.

"They believed it was inappropriate because the costume the head of Donald Trump was around here. I was just supposed to be riding on his shoulders but they saw it as something different," he said.

Spencer and his mom Carolyne feel the location of the President's head on Spencer's body isn't the real problem.

"The first thing I saw being wrong is that it was Donald Trump and I knew at the time that some people liked him or didn't like him. But I don't care because I'm a kid and we don't have to worry about that right now. That's more adult stuff. It's just a costume," said Spencer.

Carolyne who says she is a President Trump supporter is frustrated and agitated over the teacher and vice principal's decision not to let her son participate in the Halloween celebration.

"He was offended because he feels anti-Trump. Now, that's an opinion," said Carolyne. The school superintendent says the use of President Trump or any other individual on a costume has not been an issue and isn't in this situation. His statement reads in part, "According to building administration and a subsequent review, it was the manner in which the costume was utilized which is at issue, without regard to whether it was depicting President Trump or any other individual."

Spencer says he wore this same costume last year in middle school. He says administrators thought it was a little political but allowed him to keep it on.