Schuylkill River Trail Watch launched for more safety

Those who frequent the Schuylkill River Trail have a new source of security. Saturday, a type of neighborhood watch officially launched along the path.

It's called the Schuylkill River Trail Watch and it was formed since a series of attacks along the trail.

Over the past few months, assaults and harassment motivated Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, the city's town watch leader and members of various organizations to step up against the bad and regain the good in their community.

Organizers say they've trained 80 people -- police officers, runners, walkers, bikers, and volunteers - to cruise the path, monitor activity, and report any potential safety issues on the trail, day and night.

Along with the trail watch, there is better lighting and mile markers, so people with problems can call and police will know exactly where it's happening.

The park sees a lot of action from people of all ages and that was the case on this warm summer Saturday.

The trail's website says there are more than 60 miles of finished trail with a projected length of almost 130 miles when complete.