Security plans ahead of Eagles Super Bowl parade

With preparations already well underway Monday for Thursday's big Eagles parade and celebration on the Parkway--police quickly began switching security gears.

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"It's a different thing in that you're talking about large crowds, but they're primarily stationary where they are," Commissioner Richard Ross told FOX 29 Monday evening.

From Sunday's boisterous, alcohol fueled celebration on Broad Street and elsewhere following the Eagles big Super Bowl win, police are planning for as many as three million people to turn out to celebrate the world champs.

"Be a lot of families out there and in some respects that will help to quell a lot of situations. It's earlier in the day, too," Commissioner Ross added.

"It's gonna be a good time," said Eagles fan Mark Santora. He and his family watched the game from home Sunday and skipped the Center City celebration. They're looking forward to Thursday's parade.

Commissioner Ross says while police prep for the parade, detectives are using video tape to track down the select few "clowns" as he put it who smashed out windows at Macy's Sunday, tossed poles through glass at AC Moore on Chestnut and tore down traffic signals, even turning over cars.

"They acted like complete and utter idiots and we are coming after those folks. You better believe it,"the commissioner said.

"The majority of the fans acted the proper way," Santora said.

"We're gonna get them now. You better believe it and we're gonna make an example of them," the commissioner said.

The commissioner praised his officers for their efforts Sunday night. He has also spoken to District Attorney Larry Krasner about prosecuting vandals to the fullest extent. Police say it will be all hands on deck for the parade Thursday. Commissioner Ross says he's hoping everyone just comes to celebrate the Super Bowl champs and have a good time.