SEPTA crack down on 'quality of life' issues begins with fines, possible bans

Drinking alcohol, urinating, smoking or littering on SEPTA could get you a ticket - or even a lifetime ban!

Starting Monday, SEPTA police are cracking down on "quality-of-life offenses" with a policy aimed at encouraging better behavior on public transportation.

Tickets will be handed out to anyone caught drinking alcohol, smoking, littering and urinating in public.

Fines range from $25-150, and chronic offenders will be banned from SEPTA property, and possibly arrested.


"You can only ignore a ticket for so long," SEPTA Police Chief Chuck Lawson said.

And with recent backing by Philadelphia courts, the policy is now more enforceable.

SEPTA says these low-level offenses are often the subject of customer complaints, and can lead to more serious crime.

The change comes as police increase visible patrols and deploy a virtual unit in an effort to enhance safety and security for riders.