SEPTA's Trolley Tunnel Blitz begins; schedule changes are in place

SEPTA’s Trolley Tunnel Blitz is underway, as the work to improve SEPTA’s trolley lines begins.

SEPTA is replacing some Trolley tunnel tracks. Along with that, vigorous cleaning will be taking place along the entire track bed and at all stations.

Light fixtures will be replaced; track circuit and signal wires will be upgraded or replaced; intense cleaning will take place at all stations, as well as inspections, among many other projects.

SEPTA Trolley Tunnel Blitz

SEPTA Trolley Tunnel Blitz

SEPTA states trolleys will not operate in the tunnel at any time during this rehabilitation. The project is scheduled for completion Monday, Aug. 19 at 5 a.m.

Changes to existing trolley routes can be found on SEPTA’s website.