September 11: Camden County students and first responders join in a ceremony to honor lives lost

Every year that passes, it’s hard to believe another year has come and gone since the September 11th attacks and Camden County College students and first responders joined together Friday to remember. Many of those students not even born when it happened.

The message is clear as the 21st anniversary of 9/11 looms. With crystal-clear blue skies, much like it was on that fateful day.

A ceremony is held to commemorate and honor those who served, sacrificed and died.

"It’s an honor that people still remember it, people still respect it and people still show up for it," Camden County College student Olivia Cooper said.

At the Camden County College campus, there was a procession of emergency service vehicles, including firefighters, police, EMS and other personnel. Students and faculty looked on during the somber event.

"It’s a beautiful ceremony, to be out here remembering everyone who lost their lives," stated student Melanie Iannuzzi.

Some of the students only learned of 9/11 through media and history books. They weren’t born, but know of the collective loss.

"Pretty much anyone you talk to, it still resonates because it was such a tragic event," student David Brodecki commented.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, which included police cadets who will graduate later this year, the American flag was raised and will remain at half-staff through the weekend.

"We will never forget. We have to continue to honor their memory by having ceremonies such as this," Lt. Anthony Acito said.