Severely Disabled Portuguese Water Dog Puppy is Beating the Odds

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) After receiving top notch care at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital, Rosie, a Portuguese Water Dog puppy, has made significant improvements. But as FOX 29 Weekend's Bill Anderson says that Rosie will soon be in need of a home--and a very special one at that.

Rosie is a 4-month-old puppy that came into University Of Pennsylvania Veterinary hospital. She appeared to be severely disabled. She couldn't walk, her owners couldn't take care of her, and it was likely that she'd be euthanized.

"The original owners surrendered her to Dr. Galvin's care and Dr. Galvin then sent out a school-wide email to the vet students to see if anyone would foster her," Kaitlyn Renzy, a Penn veterinary student says.

Rezny took Rosie home and after many tests determined she had an underdeveloped cerebellum in her brain.

For the last several weeks Kaitlin has been working with Rosie as she makes incredible progress.

"When I first got her she was not able to hold her head up or even just sit like a normal dog. Now, however, and its been about a month, and even in about a week she was able to take steps on her own standing on her own. Now she's able to course across my living room on her own," Rezny says.

Rosie is now a happy and playful dog who is free of any pain.

Now all she needs is a full-time loving home to help her continue her progress.

"Rosie needs a home with someone who will have the patience to take care of her and support what she needs and basically at this point she needs someone who will be able to help her walk," Rezny says.

Kaitlyn and the other individuals who have worked with Rosie hope that someone sees her and realizes that in the right environment she will continue to develop, become someone's best friend and inspiration.

"She keeps trying, every time she falls she just stands up right again," Rezy says.

Rosie needs a lot of attention but doctors don't anticipate significant financial burden--she simply needs love and patience.