Sgt. Robert Wilson's family looks to keep death penalty on the table

A fallen Philadelphia police officer's family is seeking justice. FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson spoke with the family.

"How fair is that? My child is dead. He protected and served," said Constance Wilson. She wants justice for her grandson Sergeant Robert Wilson III gunned down during a botched robbery. She says justice is long overdue.

"What happened with Robbie that call is one of the worst ones you can get," said Constance. Police say he was shot to death by two men inside a North Philadelphia GameStop store three years ago. To date there's been no trial.

"This was a capital case and this was going to be capital punishment and all the ducks was in order until Krasner came in," said Constance. She's talking about Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner who she says is now backing down seeking the death penalty for the two men charged in Sergeant Wilson's murder.

"The case was sewed up. They had all the proof, the evidence, the witnesses, they had the gun, the guy in the store and they had the video of him shooting my child." Constance also feels Krasner should turn over the case to Attorney General Josh Shapiro because of what she calls a conflict of interest involving a defense attorney on the case who was on Krasner's transition team.

"What are they doing? Are they conjuring up something so they can go head and figure out a way to hold off the trial and come up with a lesser charge? It ain't happening," she said. Shaki'ra Wilson-Burroughs is Sergeant Wilson's sister.

"It's a slap in the face. The Medal of Valor for the City of Philadelphia Police Department has been renamed for him and he received the award from the President and this just basically make it seems like none of that matters," she said. The family says Krasner came to their house but left them unclear on where he stands on the case.

"He's for bad guys. He's for putting people back on the street. Now who knows if he went and gave a life sentence to these guys they might be back on the streets in another five years. Who else they going to kill?" said Constance.

The DA's office released this statement in response the family's concerns: "The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office is committed to finding justice for the Wilson family. DA Krasner, who already met with members of Sergeant Wilson's family, understands their frustration and continues to extend his support and condolences during this continued difficult time."