Shane's Confectionary Preps For Valentine's Day The Old Fashioned Way

With a short walk down Market Street from Fox 29's studios, you can go back in time.

Shane Confectionary is the oldest operating, confectionary in the United States.

Since 1863 there have been candy makers making candy at their Old City facility.

Head Confectionate, Kitty Gannon, is busy with Bonbons, as they get ready for the upcoming holiday.

Valentine's Day can be one of the busiest times at Shane's. It's a time, for men and women to hand over the big bucks for some chocolate.

This time of year, Kitty will make thousands of hand dipped beauties.

"People just come and order boxes of them," she explained.

At Shane's they use vintage tools like they did over 150 years ago, to craft their bittersweet masterpieces.

Eric Berely and his brother took over and renovated Shane's back in 2011.

Their co-worker Christine Salvadore has been working here for about 6 months.

"A lot of time you can tell what they are making when you come in first thing in the morning, you are like oh man they are making ginger today, or they are roasting coco today I can smell it when I walk in and that's just wonderful," Salvadore said.

If you need more of a chocolate fix, try their new Hot Chocolate cafe.

But no matter what your fancy may be, you will definitely find something there. Just make sure you buy enough for everyone.