Skimming device found at Spring Garden gas station

A Sunoco on 23rd and Fairmount is the latest victim of "skimming" - when someone tampers with machinery in order to steal credit or debit card information from unsuspecting consumers. Now the question is how many customer accounts were compromised.

FOX 29 spoke to one victim after the skimming device was discovered Friday morning.

It didn't take long for police and Sunoco investigators to figure it out. Someone had tampered with at least one pump at the gas station. Just a short time later, Yanni Kravvaritis -- who lives and works in Spring Garden -- recounted the scene.

"A few days ago I used that exact same pump -- pump number 5, and I used my debit card," he said.

But when Kravvaritis went to make his transaction, he ran into trouble. It said he only had $4 in his bankaccount.

Kravvaritis saw the police and Sunoco truck at the station, then put it all together. When he checked hisbanking app, he could see nearly a nearly $100 charge pending in his account.

Police confirmed the skimmer incident took place, noting that the Sunoco is under investigation by the Major Crimes Division. Sunoco representatives also confirm an employee found a skimming device at the pumps.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the last couple of days to see if they can find out when it happened, and perhaps get a picture of the person or people responsible.

Police don't know yet how much credit card or debit card information was compromised.