Pain at the pump eased for a day in NJ as some gas stations lower prices, to promote self-serve

Dozens of gas stations in New Jersey want to give drivers a break at the pump Friday, but it’s an effort to promote self-serve in the Garden State.

Sal Risalvato, the Executive Director with New Jersey Gasoline Convenient Store and Automotive Association, is behind this movement and wants current legislation sitting in the New Jersey Assembly, making self-serve gas pumping an option, to move forward.

"That discount that they’re making available tomorrow would be available every day if they were permitted to offer self-serve. There are many people that would love to be able to pump their own gas because they do not like waiting for an attendant," Risalvato stated.


Kashmir Gill runs Gill Energy, which operates many gas stations across the state. He has had to close some of his stations at night, due to high labor costs.

"Every gallon we pump here, in New Jersey, our labor cost is almost 10 to 12 cents, per gallon. Then, credit card fees are 7 or 8 cents. That’s 20 cents and that’s a lot of expense," Gill explained.

Gill says, on top of that, filing positions is a struggle. "You can’t get people to pump gas. Before, a kid in high school would go to a local station and pump gas. Do you see any local kids coming to gas stations?"

Motorist Justin Gray says he’s willing to have an open mind to the change, especially if it means saving at the pump. "Yeah i wouldn’t mind it. If it made it cheaper, too, yeah definitely!"

Below is a list of regional gas stations that are participating in discounted prices:

  • West Berlin Delta, 250 NJ 73, West Berlin, Camden County
  • Cape May Riggins, 1381 Washington St., Cape May, Cape May County
  • Cape Harbor Auto Repair, 795 Route 109, Apt 109, Cape May, Cape May County
  • Glassboro Delta, 100 Delsa Drive, Glassboro, Gloucester County
  • 2558 Pennington Road, Pennington, Mercer County
  • 1 Pennington Road, Pennington, Mercer County
  • 3513 Route 1 South, Princeton, Mercer County
  • Exxon, 600 Brick Blvd., Brick, Ocean County
  • Exxon, 181 Drum Point Road, Brick, Ocean County
  • Exxon, 1444 Highway 88, Lakewood, Ocean County
  • Kelly's Sea Bay Sunoco, Route 35 North, Lavallette, Ocean County
  • Shell, 1350 Route 9 South, Toms River, Ocean County
  • Exxon, 13 Route 37 East, Toms River, Ocean County