More pain at the pump: Gas prices hit record highs again across Delaware Valley

Drivers across the Delaware Valley just can't catch a break as gas prices surge again in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Gas prices have once again reached record-breaking highs in all three state, according to recent data from AAA.

In Pennsylvania, the average price of gas stands at $4.50 a gallon; up 15 cents from last week and $1.42 from this time last year. Gas is even more expensive in Philadelphia, where prices have reach $4.64 a gallon.

New Jersey drivers are experiencing an average of $4.47 a gallon, which is 12 cents more than last week and $1.45 more than last year.

More of the same in Delaware, where gas prices are averaging $4.40 a gallon; a 16-cent increase from last week and $1.52 increase from last year.


All three states top this week's national gas prices average of $4.32, making their way into the country's Top 10 states with the most price rises since last week.

"Two factors lead to pressure on pump prices, hitting drivers right in the wallet – rising domestic demand for gasoline and surging global crude oil prices," AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross told FOX Business.

Last week, Philadelphia resident Joe Tovi told FOX 29 that the cost of filling up his car has become a serious expense.

"I gotta set aside some money for it then I guess if im going to be using my car," Tovi said. "I gotta prioritize gas prices now. It becomes a part of the budget."