South Jersey Family Celebrates Legal and Medical Victory

Maple Shade, NJ (WTXF) It's a big step forward for a South Jersey family. For more than a year they have fought to make sure their daughter could legally use medical marijuana in her school. And tonight, they're getting the okay and nearing the end of a very long battle

The Barbour family of Maple Shade, New Jersey, is celebrating a major legal and medical victory for their 16- year-old daughter Genny

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Genny has epilepsy and autism. Her family says that medicinal marijuana has helped her tremendously and now after a year of legal battles Governor Christie approved the use of medical marijuana in schools statewide. Genny's school, Larc, in Bellmawr, immediately adopted a policy to approve the drug on school grounds.

"I'm super proud of Larc school and administration because they had the courage to say we have the authority under this law we feel comfortable now we're gonna implement the policy," her father told FOX 29.

Prior to enacting the bill, the school's no marijuana rule was too complicated for the Barbour's. Genny only went to school a half a day so her mom could give her the midday dose of the cannabis oil.

Now half the battle is won; however, the family is still fighting to get the nurse to administer the drug so that Genny's mom doesn't have to be present at school each and every day.

The Barbour's say the medical marijuana has had an unbelievable affect on their daughter. Now, her every day seizures are now only about once a week.

While the Barbour's say the fight to have a nurse administer medical marijuana is still pending, they're hopeful that it will be resolved without much of a fight. Tonight, they're focused on a major win not only for Genny but children across the country.