South Jersey family searching for woman who delivered lost Easter gifts

Chris and Melissa Bolf were baffled when the package containing Easter presents for their 9-year-old and 6-year-old daughters appeared on their doorstep on Easter Sunday. 

The couple had been tracking the package ahead of its arrival at the family's home in Mullica Township, but when the route went cold the couple assumed the gifts were long gone.

"We've been homebound, you can't shop right now, so I was really relying on the little things in the box," said Melissa.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, the package miraculously arrived on the family's front porch along with a note.

"We found these on the side of the road in Mays Landing. Happy Easter!" the note read.

"We live out in the country, so we're not on the way to anything so whoever did this it was very nice because this is out of the way for anybody," Chris said.

The couple then checked the security camera and saw a woman drop-off the box and scurry back to her car. 

"You see things like this on television from time to time I suppose but you don't expect it to happen to you," Chris said.


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