South Jersey special needs cheerleading squad needs help getting to competition

A South Jersey special needs cheerleading team is celebrating. They're one of five teams in the country who won a bid to the US All Star Federation 2018 Cheerleading and Dance Competition in Orlando. Now, they just need a little help to get there. They are the South Jersey Storm Twisters.

"The kids they work really hard they just deserve to be recognized for what they do," parent Stephanie Matchuk said.

Finally, they are getting recognition as one of the top 5 special needs cheerleading and dance teams in the country.

"My boss actually told me and I fell down to the floor completely melted down," coach Shelly Nolan said.

The Twisters special needs team have been together for several years, performing and competing, but this is a big deal.

"I was so happy. I told my teachers. They said good job," cheerleader Zoe Sullivan said.

"They have to overcome a lot to get there what most kids can figure out and accomplished very quickly it takes them a lot longer to accomplish," Matchuk said.

And now, the Twisters have one more obstacle between them and the world championship. It's a lot of money to get the whole team to Florida next month so the coach started a GoFundMe campaign.

"We need help so we can get there to showcase our routine," Nolan said.