South Jersey's newest food pantry opens to serve 8,000 residents - including 3,000 children

One local church is stepping up to answer their community's call for help to keep their residents happy and healthy in the face of food insecurity.

Community members and leaders gathered at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Clarksboro Saturday to cut the ribbon on their new food pantry, and open their doors to new opportunities.

The St. Peter's Community Pantry will be open every second and fourth Saturday of to all members of the community, regardless of income or religious affiliation. 


In Gloucester County alone, approximately 8,000 residents face food insecurity - 3,000 of them being children.

"Our food pantry here at St. Peters Community is so vital right now because there is just such a great food insecurity in our community, and we are really seeing that by people coming to churches and asking for help," said Rev. M. Mantelle Bradley. "So we created this food pantry to make a real difference in our community and all the surrounding communities around us here in this area."

For more information about the community pantry, or how to donate, visit St. Pete's website.