Spotify will create the ‘pawfect’ playlist for you to enjoy with your pet

More people than ever are treating their pets like family members, including them in a wide range of traditionally human experiences (Starbucks Puppaccinos, anyone?). Now, Spotify is offering users the ability to create personalized playlists geared for the maximum enjoyment of their pets.

The audio streaming giant conducted an online survey of about 5,000 pet owners from the U.S., U.K., Australia, Spain and Italy to learn more about how people enjoy music with their furry, feathered and scaled animal companions.

Seventy-one percent of pet owners responded that they play music for their pets, and 80 percent responded that they believe their pets enjoy listening to music. Most pet owners said that they believe music can help relieve their pet’s stress, boost their pet’s happiness and help them feel less lonely.

Nearly 70 percent of respondents said that they sing to their pets, while 57 percent said that they like to dance with their pet. As for favorite genres of music, the majority of owners said classical music and soft rock seemed to be the most pleasing genres to their pets.

Not surprisingly, the survey also showed that music-loving pet owners are fairly likely to name their pets after a music artist or group. Spotify found that almost 1-in-5 pet owners got the inspiration for the pets’ name from a musical influence. The top five artist-influenced pet names were Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Bowie and Ozzy.

“The results are interesting because it shows that, more often than not, humans also think about their pets’ emotional well-being, with 70% of animal parents considering the emotional wellness of their pets daily,” Spotify wrote. “Plus, 8 in 10 people believe their pets like music, and around 46% of people feel that music is a stress reliever for their furry friends.”

In response to these findings, Spotify has created a new feature that allows pet owners to craft the perfect playlist to enjoy with their pet.