Spring couple adopts 5 siblings separated in foster care

COVID-19 is expected to have a huge impact on the foster care system.  A lot of times in care, siblings are separated and later adopted by different families, losing contact with each other.  But one couple in Spring took a leap of faith during the pandemic.  

The Bonura family's journey to have a large family started with heartbreak.  Their twins were born 15 weeks premature.  One baby passed away, and Joey now has significant challenges. The couple was told they couldn't have any more children, but the Bonuras went on to have two more miracle babies. They felt a calling for more.

"About three years ago we decided it's time.  Let's open our house. We've been blessed with the resources and home.  It just made sense to us," said Thomas Bonura.

They began fostering their now two-year-old son as a newborn, then took in two of his siblings. Then they found out there were twin siblings, too – a total of five siblings in all.

"Shortly after that, they called us and asked if we wanted to adopt all five and we knew the older boys, the twins.  We had visitations with them, and they were just precious and we love them all so much.  It was an instant yes," said Andi Bonura.

Family adopts five kids

During the pandemic, the community came to celebrate their adoption through Depelchin Children's Center. 

"We are extremely excited to see that take place and to see such a family, a loving family, dispel so many myths out there about fostering and adopting children," said Atasha Kelley- Harris, Depelchin Children's Center.

The family says they have two more seats left in their 12 person van and may foster more.  

If you are interested in fostering or adopting email gettingstarted@depelchin.org