Springfield Township shares important message for parents and teens

A warning for teens and parents in Delaware County. The police chief in Springfield Township says if you're making trouble around town cops are coming after you. He made his message clear in a Facebook post.

"I think parents alone can do it and police can back it up. But parents should house their own kids, make sure they know what they're doing and where they are at all times," said Springfield resident Rocky Maryott.

Police in Springfield Township are telling parents and teens that there will be consequences if kids are caught breaking the law. After a number of assaults, fights, and rock throwing at trolley cars near Williams Park. Police are using social media and beefed up patrols to try keep the township safe, especially with the warmer weather.

According to police, they've caught kids drinking and they responded to a call last week about a group assault on two middle school kids at the park.

Colleen Collins, a working mom usually let's her son come to the park after school, but wants to make sure her son has an exit plan if there's trouble.

"In this day and age that's what's frightening. That a lot of kids have weapons, drugs. They can be so easily influenced by older kids and even lured," she said.

Some other parents on social media have complained about kids playing chicken with cars on bikes, which is another dangerous activity. Police say they aren't just taking names, the chief told FOX 29 the kids who make trouble in Springfield will be arrested.