State Troopers Surprise 10-Year-Old After No One Came to His Birthday Party

(INSIDE EDITION) When no one showed up to an Arkansas boy's birthday party, the State Troopers decided it was their responsibility to save the day.

Ten-year-old Toxey sent birthday party invitations to all 21 of his classmates. When the big day came earlier this month, no one showed up --- not even the one boy who promised he would be there.

His mom Angela Andrews was heartbroken by her son's disappointment, and wrote on Facebook: "for the second year in a row, no one has come, no one. It is absolutely heartbreaking watching him watch out the window all night for people to arrive and watch him cry when no one comes."

Andrews told that she "just wanted to get a plea out there to parents to please consider taking their children to parties they are invited to because it broke my heart seeing him so upset."

"They had other things they had to do," the 10-year-old from Hot Springs Village speculated.

But the disappointment soon wore off. Two days later, Arkansas State Troopers knocked on their door, bearing a birthday surprise for the boy.

According to Toxey, they opened the door to Corporal David Forthman and Troopers Terry Sawyer, Kyle Sheldon, Brandon Cook and Tim Callison holding out a giant cookie cake, wishing him happy birthday.

They came bearing gifts, and his mom captured him opening boxes, and revealing a yo-yo, Frisbee, Lego set, as well as various other gifts.

"It made me feel very happy that the police came to my house and brought me all those nice things," Toxey told, "and especially that they played with me."

Andrews even recorded the five state troopers letting her son play in the Rhino SUV, normally used in police pursuits, play fetch with the K-9 police dog, and test out the different sirens in the patrol cars.

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